The Team
We are currently onboarding the rest of the core team members
Aryan has 10+ years of experience in the XR industry. He is responsible for coordinating with all the team members, strategic partnerships, putting out fires, putting out crazy ideas to do, and pushing everything forward.
Over 17 years of B2B & B2C Marketing experience (iGaming, Gambling, E-commerce, Blockchain & Metaverse) specialisation in Marketing & Brand Management, Employer Branding Management as well as social media platforms, commercial partnerships and operations.
Specialising in powering business growth, Anna carries many years of experience in various tech industries ranging from Digital Tech companies to iGaming to Blockchain.
14 years of experience in software engineering for various software and games on both mobile and PC, with a focus on the design and functionalities of the productions, especially in gameplay and other attractions related to the game.
Adam is responsible for the product’s planning and strategy by bridging together the designers, developers, and business strategy teams. Adam has 7+ years of experience in Investment Banking and product with 5+ years experience in blockchain, particularly within L1 Protocols, utility-based tokens and NFTs.
Navid makes sure everything at ARize is pixel-perfect and user-friendly. He also spreads colors and shapes through the brand to keep it innovative and creative. Navid has worked at ARize for 3 years now with 12 years of design experience in various fields.
Hadi is a Full-Stack Engineer with 6+ years of experience in web development. As the Head of Development, he is working with other developers making sure every part of the ARize platform is working. He has experience working in Agile environments and enjoys solving complex problems.
Hamidreza is a front-end developer with 10+ years of experience in web development, graphic design, and digital marketing. A fast learner, detail-oriented, ready to face any challenge, and loves solving problems by thinking in a lateral way and finding creative solutions.
Mohammadreza makes sure your experience on is as smooth as can be. He is a Front End Engineer with 3+ years of experience in a large-scale company.
Monika is the AR content manager at ARize. Using her programming and 3D modelling skills, she facilitates efficient arrangement, editing, and modification of the content. She has experience in managing AR communities and tries to integrate AR into her lecturing practice.
Zoë is the marketing manager here at ARize, with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and interactive media production industry. She is also an arts and design professional focusing on AR and VR tech having graduated from the University of Malta.

Yuliia Saveniuk - Marketing Program Intern

Yuliia joins as an intern complementing our Marketing department. Prior to this, she had been working as a producer of online products, focusing on e-commerce via Instagram.


A product-focused leader, Elliot is an expert in agile product development and management. He’s worked at leading blockchain startups including large-scale brokers and exchanges. A champion for the blockchain project ecosystem, Elliot advises early-stage projects on product and tokenomics.

Jay Maree

Jay is a results-driven entrepreneur with over a decade of experience working in the blockchain information technology and services industries. A true crypto OG, Jay founded and developed one of the first brokers.
A senior attorney, Ben has a strong track record of implementing company-wide legal operations and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements in the blockchain, banking, and enterprise-cloud verticals.
An award-winning marketing executive, Kenton has 15 years of brand-building experience. Prior to joining Decubate, Kenton led marketing and partnership teams at agencies and startups. He started his marketing career at MTV.
A product development expert, Stefan has a proven track record of building successful products at E-Commerce, B2C, and B2B companies. Prior to joining Decubate, he was the Product Management Director at HotJar.
Koen has an eye for the whole organization, is willing to help other people and dig into things thoroughly. He gets on well with Dutch companies and German Counterparts involved. Prior to joining Decubate Koen was investment director and analyst and management in Crosspring.
Executive Director & Investor and Founder of LVT Capital whose mission is to invest in tomorrow's leaders, blockchain businesses and groundbreaking technology.
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