Problem & Solution
Why we do what we do?
We started ARize to be focused on B2B retail and eCommerce brands. We help them create a 3D version of their products (using a community of content creators) and provide them with our WebAR technology that they can integrate into their website within minutes.

Problem: The metaverse is here, it's just not evenly distributed

Since entering the space, We've been impressed with the wide range of use cases for immersive content - from B2B enterprise to entertainment and gaming. The challenge is that creating and accessing high-quality immersive content is hard and expensive. When taking into account the speed at which the Metaverse is growing, we see the following problems
    Corporate controlled
    Closed & centralized ecosystems
    No interoperability
    Limited monetization for creators

Solution: Blockchain native worlds are leveling the playing field

    Open & decentralized
    Planned interoperability
    Increased potential for creator monetization
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